What is Moodle?

Moodle is a software tool used by Trinity faculty for producing and delivering Internet-based content for courses or for putting complete courses online. You may hear Moodle described as a course management system (CMS) or a learning management system (LMS). Every Trinity student has a Moodle account, so whenever a professor enrolls you in a course, you will see that course when you log into Moodle.

What can Moodle Do?

Moodle allows professors to organize and make available to their students a variety of resources and activities. These might include a syllabus, assignments, media files, web resources, interactive activities, discussion forums, quizzes, polls, wikis, announcements, and drop boxes for submitting assignments. Moodle can also be used to send email messages or to chat in real time. Many professors also choose to use the Moodle grade book so students can see their grades online. Individual professors can choose which of these resources and activities to include in their courses.


Trinity’s network uses advanced, next generation firewall technology to protect both the campus network and those using it. Students are encouraged to use virus protection software when using Trinity’s network, however it is not required. Computer Services recommends using Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free antivirus program provided by Microsoft. Security Essentials can be downloaded at

*Note: Windows 8 and Windows 10 devices have Security Essentials (now named Windows Defender) installed by default and no anti-virus download is necessary.


Trinity has two main Wi-Fi networks:

  • TrinAir is for students, staff and faculty use.
  • TrinAir-Guest is for campus guest use. The guest network is strictly for guest use and should not be used by students.

Network Access Control

Trinity uses a network access control to download the Bradford Network Agent client to the computer. This program performs a short check to see if the computer connecting has virus protection, and allows it to properly communicate with the network infrastructure. All devices must have this client installed to properly connect and stay connected to Trinity’s network.

Content Filtering

To promote Christ-centered computing we have enabled content filtering for sites that do not align with the mission of the college. We promote the use of the internet for academic and educational purposes. If you feel a site is being blocked incorrectly, please contact Computer Services 708.239.4858


Ethernet connections are available in every dorm. Ethernet cables are not provided to students.


Supported/Unsupported Devices

Supported Not Supported
Computers Routers
Entertainment Devices Wireless Access Points
Gaming Consoles Wireless Printers*
Mobile Devices/Tablets

*Users with wireless printers cannot utilize the wireless printing function, but may still use the printer connected directly to the pc.